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What is the wireless relay?
New version wireless relay, higher version, safer, more stable
Wireless relay, easy to understand that the relay is wireless, different from the traditional relay- wired. Traditional relay has to be connected to the GPS kit, while the wireless relay is not. It is installed separately in anywhere is the car, only the installer knows the place. Difficult to find out.

The biggest advantage of the wireless relay is anti-theft. As once the tracker is found and removed from the car, the car will not be able to engine on, the car stays safe. 

More, our new version wireless relay is safer. The traditional wired relay will cut the engine only base on the speed, when the owner send cut engine command, the car will be stopped once the speed reaches to a specific value, but if the car is waiting for the traffic light by chance, the car will be in dangerous as the car stopped engine on road. While our wireless relay will execute the command by engine status. It can ensure the car’s safety in max level. 

Most of the trackers in the markets are still the traditional types. This new technology will bring seller more benefits both in user experiences and incomes.