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What is 125k attendance solution ?
125K attendance solution is a new solution for school attendance .
The 125k Time Attendance Solution is a new campus time and attendance solution. The data is more accurate and the installation is simpler. With the 125K time attendance protocol, the student card requires a built-in 125K signal receiver and a 125K signal transmitter. Each signal transmitter has a unique label, so when the student takes the student card through the transmit signal range of the 125k signal transmitter, the student card will obtain the corresponding label ID, and the label ID is uploaded to the attendance platform through the student card. The data analysis knows the specific location of the student at this time, and the accuracy can be about 6 meters.

One of the advantages of this is that the data is actively uploaded to the platform through the student card, which is easy to analyze and is not easy to lose data.