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AMT is a company specializing in GPS positioning communication, providing vehicle management, logistics management, campus security and other Internet of Things related programs. Founded in 2010, the company started with functional mobile phones, so the company has rich experience in communications. Based on the rise of the Internet of Things, AMT is constantly innovating, keeping pace with the times, slowly transforming into specialized production and development of GPS-related products, such as: GPS wiring tracker, GPS portable tracker, GPS personal tracker, OBD tracker, 4G rearview mirror DVR, GPS module and other products.

AMT is currently used by a young, experienced, strong and passionate team. The company's products are constantly updated to simplify the complexity and reduce the size. Because of the reasonable orientation of the products, AMT products are recognized by more and more customers.

Our service aims are:

Honesty, Justice, Trustworthiness, Reasonable Price and Win-win

Our products: compact, user friendly, high quality

Cooperation projects: taxi fleet management, bus fleet management, automobile finance vehicle management, logistics management, cold chain logistics temperature monitoring, school attendance management, in-car air quality monitoring, shared bicycle tracking management, etc.

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